Kompetisi Puzzle Klasik 2021

Indonesian Classic Puzzle Competition 2021

3rd - 6th of September 2021

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Kompetisi Puzzle Klasik

Kompetisi Puzzle Klasik (KPK), translated to Classic Puzzle Competition, is the first individual paper-and-pencil puzzle competition in Indonesia where contestants are going to solve classic puzzles and their variant as quick and as many as possible.

As this competition's goal is to introduce paper-and-pencil puzzles to Indonesian newcomers, the difficulty level is expected to be easier than usual puzzle competitions.

Puzzlesmiths: Ammar Fathin Sabili (athin) & Andri Purnama Ramadan (Nusi)
Tester: Ivan Adrian Koswara (chaotic_iak)

General Rules

KPK 2021 Rules

Technical Aspect of KPK 2021