Athin's Short and Simple Guide for Ragnarok X (ROX)

Last Update: 31 July 2021, 18:00 UTC+8
This guide is a (non-detailed) summary from Stellarist's Youtube in addition to self-experience.

And oh! Checkout my Complete Guide of #ROXBuild for Critical Lord Knight here! :D

Useful Links

Selling Items

Quests or Missions

RO Life



Endless Tower

NPC Favors

Lucky Lottery (Inactive?)

Ad Hoc Tips

This guide is written by athin and mainly used as my personal notes.
Feel free to contact me via anything (from my homepage) for any inquiries! :3

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional player, I'm just a guy who loves learning and exploring things.
I'm a F2P player. I don't (and not planning to) spend a single penny in the game, thus I'm less-familiar with VIP stuffs.