Athin's Complete Guide of #ROXBuild for
Critical Lord Knight

Last Guide Update: 20 October 2021, 18:00 UTC+8
Last Character Update: 13 October 2021, 12:00 UTC+8

This guide is initially made for my own notes, but there is no harm in sharing, right? :)
As I'm a F2P player, I believe this build could be enjoyable for most type of players~
Btw, if you're a beginner who wants some general tips & tricks, check out my (outdated?) other guide here.
My build progress so far can be found at the end of the guide. Cheers! :D

About Me

A Critical Build?




Phase I: Upgrade Awakening Tier I + Basic Refine

  1. Upgrade your 2H-Sword to Level 60
  2. Refine all 8 equipments to +2

Phase II: Upgrade Awakening Tier II + Basic Enchant

  1. Upgrade your 2H-Sword to Level 80
  2. Upgrade BOTH of your Crit accessories to Level 20
  3. Fill all slots for enchants, all of those 21 slots (to level 1)
  4. (Try to) Refine all 8 equipments to +3

Phase III: Upgrade Awakening Tier III

  1. Upgrade your 2H-Sword to Level 100
  2. Upgrade BOTH of your Crit accessories to Level 25
  3. Upgrade your talisman too to Level 25
  4. Upgrade one of the armor (preferably shoes) to Level 50

Phase IV: Catching Up the Refines and Enchantments

  1. Refine all 8 equipments to +4
  2. Enchant all 9 slots of Armors each to level 4

Phase V: Enchant Awakening I + "Full" Defense

  1. Upgrade the last two armors to Level 50
  2. Enchant all 9 slots of Armors each to level 6

Phase VI: Endpoint of F2P Players (?)

  1. Refine BOTH of your Crit Accessories to +6, Get Refine Awakening I
  2. Get Upgrade Awakening IV
  3. Enchant all 12 slots of Weapon and Accessories/Talisman to level 4
  4. If also possible, Get Enchant Awakening II (or even III?)

Stats and Skills


  1. Play Dead, manual, put on slot 8.
  2. This is useful to clear threats in many occassions, e.g. to start gardening or to go to other channels.
  3. Magnum Break +10, semi-auto, put on slot 1.
  4. The default is auto as not only we are attacking with Fire attribute, but also increasing attack by 20%.
    Must be disabled when farming Fire monsters, others are just fine (even Water monsters are also fine).
  5. Provoke +1, semi-auto, put on slot 2.
  6. Yep, lend your help to your party! We are stronkk.
  7. Increase HP Recovery +10, passive.
  8. Our HP will be auto-recovered once 30%. Thus, potions can be auto-used once less than that (e.g. 20%).
  9. Battle Will +10, passive.
  10. Attack is increased every time we hit the enemy? OF COURSE WHY NOT!
  11. Sword Mastery +10, passive.
  12. Another way to increase attacks, as AGI increases too!
  13. Provoke, from +1 to +5
  14. This will be handy for Endure and Steel Heart, but they are less-focused so they are being put on last.
  15. (Save 5 skill points for later or be ready for using a reset stone... You will know why... OwO)


  1. Cavalry Combat +5, passive.
  2. Say hello to our beloved Pecopeco! <3 <3 <3
    Need to be simultaneously +5 to not slow down the movement speed!
  3. Charge Attack +1, manual, put on slot 3.
  4. This is used to stun enemies, especially during KVM! Only level 1 is enough tho.
  5. Bowling Bash +1, auto, put on slot 7.
  6. This is mainly used for farming, and extra damages when there are mobs in Instance for example.
    Again, level 1 is already enough.
  7. Sword Speed Boost +10, auto, put in Custom Skill I (1/3), slot 5.
  8. This is one of the main resource to significantly increase our ASPD, by 60%!!
  9. Double Blow +10, passive.
  10. One of the Knight's perks is having a chance of double hit! Critical attacks will be doubled too! OwO
  11. Aura Blade +10, auto, put in Custom Skill I (2/3), slot 5.
  12. Then we focus back on the Crit. This will greatly increase both Final Crit% and Crit Bonus DMG.
  13. Cavalry Training +10, passive.
  14. Another way to increase attacks, just attack while reading your beloved Pecopeco! <3 <3 <3
  15. Endure +1, auto, put in Custom Skill II (1/3), slot 6.
  16. This is to prevent you from knockback (i.e. Fire Wall from Marduk or even Wizard in KVM/GvG).
  17. (We are saving 7 skill points for later, but you can use it to any skills you want tho!)

Lord Knight

  1. Berserk +1, manual, put on slot 4.
  2. Very useful especially in PvP. For now, just get level 1, as you will still definitely recover 100% of your HP.
    As this will set your SP to 0, just use this near your death in KVM (or Ultimate Showdown, IYKWIM hehe).
  3. Head Crush +10, auto, put in Custom Skill II (2/3), slot 6.
  5. Weapon Blocking +10, auto, put in Custom Skill II (3/3), slot 6.
  6. You will have a chance to negate P. ATK, and guaranteed 100% buffed critical attacks for the next 5 seconds!
  7. Lord's Aura +10, auto, put in Custom Skill I (3/3), slot 5.
  8. Increase ATK% of you, and your party too!
  9. Berserk, from +1 to +10
  10. This boi is on fire.
  11. (And it left us 37 skill points! Either save it for the Transcended Job, or spend any thing you want! OwO)
  12. For me, I'm going for Call of Justice +10 because I focused on VIT, then just maximize the existing skill levels:
    Bowling Bash +1 to +10 and Provoke / Endure / Steel Heart, then perhaps reset them for Transcended Job.

Pets & Shadow Equipments

Lastly, My Progress So Far... (13 October 2021)

I do believe that this guide is far from perfect. I'm just a boy who loves to analyze and shares interesting findings. :)
I also do believe in this community that we can learn and teach each others. ^^
So yeah, I do love the new mentoring system! Hope it can serve justice tho lol XD

Lastly, follow your heart and have fun! Don't make a guide be just another burden for you! UwU
Don't be afraid to adjust, just keep it simple and comfortable enough for yourself! :D